The After-March, March

Where did March go? For that matter, where did winter go? Just when it seemed winter would never release its relentless grasp, it did—and spring arrived instantly. Like every year, daffodils covered the farm, following the pink blooms of the Japanese Magnolias. Farm changes abound. Six more fruit trees planted and the muscadine vineyard fully fenced—much to the chagrin of the ravenous equine.

Our hens are now NPIP approved! While they didn’t have to head to class or pay tuition, they did get tested by our MSU friends so our flock can boast National Improvement Poultry Plan (NPIP) status.  I wonder if that gets them box seats anywhere?

Our new guests have been delightful. Perhaps the best quote of the month goes to Colin when I asked how he passed his farm evening. “We talked a long time over red wine and then played the organ over the prosecco.”  Perfection to my mind…

Onions are planted and the cottage garden and herb cottage slowly emerging. I am dreaming of tomatoes.

We’re doing fine out here at the moment. Check back now and then. I just may find a moment to head indoors to share some more news.  Many thanks to all who have given us your support this past month. To our minds, we’re making history.


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