What’s with the TV Thing?

We might as well get this out of the way now as I often get the question, “Why don’t you have a TV?” At the risk of having Mark Greaney call me a ludite again (which he did just because I was still carrying the Nokia brick up until about 3 years ago–which by the way, my nephews thought was a “retro” phone!), I will attempt a rational explanation. Here it is: I am admittedly technologically lazy.

And here’s what happened.  Someone in the universe decided that TVs needed some new box several years ago. Simultaneously, a friend had all her TVs stolen from a guest house. So, I donated my old TVs to her at a near free-discount and decided to buy a new one.  That last part, however, is rather key to this scenario. Months went by, then years…and I realized…you actually have to go to a store to make a TV purchase happen.

Well, that day just hasn’t come. And over the years (six now to be exact), I found that with my laptop, friends, endless news…and countless observations of rather aggravated folks over cable companies, I didn’t feel any sense of deprivation and didn’t miss the darn noise box.

When you visit my farm, you’ll notice that all the rooms have books.  Lots of books. And if you start a book here and can’t put it down, well then, the only reasonable thing to do is take it with you.

Our world is noisy. In the garden, in my kayak or on the farm—or with a my nose in a book–I find my place. It’s just that simple.

(Image: Door County, Wisconsin)


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