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Heading into our second growing year with anemones, I had hoped to have flowers in bloom by January. We missed that goal by about a week as the ‘Mr. Fokker’ are just now making an appearance.

In our hoop house, the ground is what I’d call left over pond muck mixed with clay. Yes, we built on the site of a former shallow cattle pond and moved a lot of dirt. For two years, I have steadily added cotton gin compost, Promix, and this year, covered bare ground with snowball hay and leaves to keep winter weeds from taking hold. So far, so good on that point.

Few people in our area grow anemones, so this sturdy winter flower peeks interest. As I say, they take so little care. They prefer the cold. With our mild winters, my only challenge is temperature control (keeping the hoop house from high heat) and keeping plants watered.

Last year, their bloom time outlasted the finicky raunucs which seemed to bloom and suffer. Again, heat may have been my issue. Amongst many, I dare say…

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Karen Ott Mayer

Karen Ott Mayer

Freelance writer and editor, small business and farm owner

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