Long before I bought this farm in 2006, the footprints of Native American Chickasaw and Civil War soldiers passed over this land. Our current farm was originally part of a 160-acre plot of land which eventually was subdivided into four separate parcels. Moon Hollow covers about 25 acres. We are fortunate to have original documents that establish the first transaction on this land in 1837 between a land company and a Chickasaw Indian. Our guests enjoy reading the full history and how the land passed from hand to hand. The original farmhouse and the tractor shed located south of the property were built in 1923. The newer barn on the West hill was built in the last 50 years as a show calf barn.

The Cottage served first as the farm’s original well pumphouse. Today, the original cistern out back is now a large planter. In 2014, Kole and I decided to restore the original brick structure, incorporating mostly found objects, salvaged materials, and wood from the farm. Together with friends and family, we laid bedroom foundation and framed the 550-square foot cottage. By 2015, we were ready to call it finished!

We called the cottage home until 2021, welcoming guests during the early years to the farmhouse. Today, the cottage is open to guests, and we live just across the back garden in the original farmhouse.