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Over the years, people have asked why I don’t write a blog. As a writer, it seems a natural path, right? Until this last year, I hesitated. What changed? All of you folks. With the addition of our hoop house to the farm in late 2019 just prior to the big P, we have fielded more questions and queries about growing, gardening and nature. Although I’ve been a Master Gardener since 1997 and prefer the Great Outdoors to this techno-device, I don’t profess to be an expert or know it all.

What we can offer on this site, however, is personal experience and insight into the endless and relentless pursuit of hands meeting dirt. On this sunny January day, we’re launching this blog with the single hope to educate or inspire someone else to get out of the recliner and pick up a shovel. It’s honest true work that we promise will bring you honest true fascination.

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Karen Ott Mayer

Karen Ott Mayer

Freelance writer and editor, small business and farm owner

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