Post Example #3

I’m giving little time to these pesky example posts since they’ll soon be deleted. We need these so that you have an idea of where they’ll be, and for a template once you go to create them yourself.

Some sample ideas: You can make a page showing a recipe, or make a table of when your flowers are available. etc

Tulips (spring)deaddeaddeaddead
Sorry, in this example your tulips are all dead this year.

YouTube might have some inspiration for you on the blog front. I’ve actually never optimized a site for a blog. I’ve mainly created storefronts and informational landing pages. WordPress was designed for bloggers originally. I’ll toss in a photo just for fun

While I don’t know what flower this is, I think it’s great.

Outgoing links to your favorite sites will show search engines that you’re trying to provide value to your visitors, and if you can get links that direct visitors to your site, you begin to rank higher. Google crawls websites regularly. I’ve read that it occurs biweekly. While you typically won’t be affected if you don’t update every two weeks, it will rank you better if it crawls your site and new posts appear regularly or often. I’ve read that it usually takes blog sites 1.5-2 years to really take off.

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