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Come See Us!

We’re always excited to welcome newcomers, especially if we can send them home with a bucket of flowers or a new perspective on life out here.

Spend Time on the Farm

An important part of our working philosophy is to educate and share rural America and nature with those who have little daily access to this lifestyle. We don’t just buy local as a trend, we live, eat and breathe the idea of local living and supporting small communities.

As busy agriculturists, we’ve developed the following to respect our guests requests while recognizing our limited time.

• Visits are by scheduled appointment only

Florists/Event Planners/Floral Designers/DIY Brides

We invite you to forage flowers from the field or hoop house. We sell blooms by the bucket and stems.

If you have a big event or wedding, feel free to contact us several weeks or months in advance to learn about potential crops and blooms

Families / Children

With the global pandemic, more families are seeking ways to let children “roam” safely or find richer educational opportunities outside of the classroom.

Visits to the farm include introduction to basic botany and horticulture through nature walks, handling seeds or cutting flowers with supervision.

We highly encourage boots, tennis shoes or other closed toe shoes as the farm does have bugs, ticks and insects!

$25 – Two hour maximum visit. One family per visit.

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